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RSS FeedViewing Reviews: International Airlines / EL AL: Israel's Flying Star (1) Continuing to celebrate 60 years of nonstop service, El Al, Israel's national airline, is proud to announce the release of the new book titled El Al: Israel's Flying Star. The book is written by Marvin Goldman, a civil airline historian and expert as well as the world's largest collector of El Al memorabilia. The birth of El Al took place when Chaim Weizmann had to travel home from Geneva for his inauguration as Israel's first president. To make the journey, government officials borrowed an aircraft, pilots, and flight crew from the Israeli Air Force, installed a sofa for seating, and served kosher food from a nearby restaurant. From this amazing story of its humble beginnings in 1948, the national airline of Israel was born. El Al: Israel's Flying Star chronicles commercial aviation in Israel, shares countless humanitarian efforts, and illustrates the story of how El Al continues to maintain a regular air link at all times between Israel and the outside world. El Al has always been committed to assisting those in need by reuniting thousands of families and providing immigrants from hostile countries with a chance for a new life in Israel. Today, El Al is known as a successful, innovative commercial airline and is the leading carrier between Israel and almost 50 destinations worldwide. The book comprises ten chapters with over 500 historical photographs, including every El Al aircraft plus reproductions of numerous well-known posters and other artwork commissioned by El Al throughout the years. Goldman, who is a former attorney, is also the author of El Al: Star in the Sky (1990) and possesses the largest known collection of El Al memorabilia, some of which is one-of-a-kind. He owns 10,000-plus items dating from the inception of the airline to the present day. During his 30-year tenure as an El Al historian and collector, he has transformed a section of his Manhattan home into an El Al museum that contains his catalogued treasures. Goldman hopes his collection will find a permanent home in a civil aviation museum to be established in Israel. "My interviews with numerous past and present El Al employees as well as aviation enthusiasts have provided me with the opportunity to write the book about El Al and its exciting dramas, hopes, struggles, and successes," said Mr. Goldman. "The book also includes particularly colorful and creative posters, photographs, and other El Al items that I have sought to preserve, some of which are now rare." "We at El Al take pride in this fascinating tribute to our history and the tremendous progress that both Israel and the national airline have achieved in just 60 years. We are grateful that someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Marvin Goldman has documented so eloquently the interesting story of El Al," said Offer Gat, CEO, El Al Israel Airlines for North and Central America. "El Al: Israel's Flying Star" is available from publisher Airways International ( for $24.95. Marvin Goldman is a member of the World Airline Historical Society.