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RSS FeedViewing Reviews: International Airlines / India - Airlines (1) In 1953, a new dream took shape - to airlink the vast South Asian subcontinent by a single, modern, and efficient airline. The airline was Indian Airlines. Today, it's is one of the largest regional airline systems in Asia. It operates 8 A300s, 34 fly-by-wire Airbus A320s, 11 Boeing 737s and 3 Dornier D-228 aircraft. Its unique orange and white logo emblazoned on the tails of all its aircraft is perhaps the most widely recognised Indian brand symbol. The airline gained alot of media attention when one of its A300s was hijacked and its passengers were held hostage for over three weeks in Kandahar, Afghanistan in December 1999. Indian Airlines flight operations center around its four main hubs - the main metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai.