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RSS FeedViewing Reviews: Small Group Tours / Small Group - Scotland (1) In times of uncertainty it is nice to know that there are some things you can rely on. One of those things is the quality of my Small Group Tours of Scotland. For more than 12 years my tour guests have experienced the very best that Scotland has to offer, inclusive sightseeing of the major attraction that Scotland has to offer, plus many gems that only my guests get to know about, and experience. Of all the places in the world, few can capture the hearts as my Scotland can. It is a timeless place, soft and green, yet wild and beautiful, where narrow roads meander along the banks of sparkling rivers, and sheep have the right of way. Quaint rows of cottages hug the seashore, or sit bunched shoulder to shoulder in village after historic village, and every churchyard, and castle, and palace has a story to tell of the folks whose spirits still haunt the ruined crofts and live in the misty moors of my Scotland.


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