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RSS FeedViewing Reviews: Expedition Voyages / The Antarctic (1) Perhaps the most challenging cruising ground for any expedition yacht, if your vessel is up to the task then you have the most incredible experience awaiting you. A couple of days sailing south from Cape Horn is the Antarctic Peninsula, where your vessel finds itself surrounded by snow, ice and penguins. The surprisingly mild temperatures and 24-hour sunlight of the Austral summer are a time when wildlife explodes in a frantic race to breed. Land at penguin colonies, cruise among icebergs with seals and whales, visit scientific research stations and be bowled over by the most incredible scenery on the planet. On your way north or south explore some of the wild islands of the Southern Ocean such as South Georgia or the Falkland Islands. Some vessels may even be able to reach colonies of Emperor Penguins that breed on floating ice, or visit the Ross Sea and the huts built by Scott & Shackleton on their quests to reach the South Pole. If you wish to follow in their footsteps and visit the pole yourself we can even arrange for an aircraft to take you there!