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RSS FeedViewing Reviews: Heritage Break (1) An incredible flexible holiday break that's a great gift idea for any couple! This unique holiday gift experience allows you to gift a completely flexible holiday package to a couple and makes for a nice idea for any occasion. The recipients of the gift get to choose from a wide variety of luxury heritage location that themselves have a history of velour, romance, feasting and celebrations - for their own vacation. The gift pack is valid for nine months so the trip can be planned whenever convenient. What's more the length of stay is also flexible and you can choose to give them a two-day vacation which can be turned into a longer stay if required by the recipients. All properties provide an unforgettable time with excellent locations, luxury rooms and great service. This gift experience is for you: If you wish to give a unique holiday break to a couple. If you're looking for a very flexible yet different gift option for someone. If you need a unique reward for performing employees. How it works: When you order this experience we will send a stylish experience pack with complete details to you or the recipient. The gift pack is valid for a period of nine months. Anytime during this period the recipients can contact us to book make bookings at a location and duration of their choice. All information about possible vacation options along with their details will be in the pack. The Heritage holiday gift experience covers a wide variety of exciting options in India for the recipients. All of which are real heritage properties that provide high-quality luxury services.