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RSS FeedViewing Reviews: Timeshare holidays (1) Holiday for a life time across the world - The Holiday Units Advantage! Holidays are when you’d like to bring time to an absolute standstill. Getting away from work, home, the mundane chores, the regular routines… and living life at a relaxed pace – doing the things you want to do, going to places you want to visit, being with people you love… In short, unwind as the mind and body rejuvenate. But the unwinding process is never complete until you have the power to pick the holiday you want, at a time that suits you best, choosing your own destination, your kind of accommodation – and do this consistently, year after year. Only one timeshare lets you do that – Holiday Units, from Sterling Resorts. This brochure will tell you all about how Holiday Units has revolutionized the timeshare experience by bringing you a double bonanza of flexibility and saving options. Find out what you can do with Holiday Units. And why you just can’t do without it.